UNM Sanctuary Campus


Role: Student Leader

The Sanctuary Movement of the 1980s was something that captured the social imaginary of American and immigrant communities alike. Grounding the political debate at local ordinances where individual cities, counties, churches, and institutions would step up towards the protection of immigrant communities when the federal and state governments would not take a stance. Since our last presidential election that elected our 45th President, immigration became a topic in the limelight and in particular undocumented youth took leadership roles in organizing their respective campuses towards the protection of undocumented students under a Sanctuary Campus designation. I was among the student leaders that came together with allied Faculty to push for the University of New Mexico to declare the university as a Sanctuary Campus and declare the protection of all of their students. Among the highlights of the group since its founding in the fall of 2016, we have successfully secured the signature of over 1,000 individuals who pledged to make UNM a Sanctuary Campus, we also passed a measure in the Faculty Senate where the general committee agreed in the principal of UNM adopting a Sanctuary Campus designation, and our group has also been at the forefront in educating the campus community about rights and resources for our undocumented student population.

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